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How long is my physiotherapy session?

This is normally 30 min, for both the initial assessment, and for subsequent treatments. Exceptionally, where there would be a clear clinical advantage in having a longer one, you will be advised in advance and an appropriate fee agreed.

What clothes should I wear?

There is no specific recommendation to facilitate your physiotherapy or acupuncture treatment, so you can come in your normal work, or day-to-day clothes. However, for your own convenience you may find it easier to come in loose fitting clothes if you are able to.

What can I expect on my first or initial appointment?

On your first visit your physiotherapist will log details of aspects of your personal and medical history which are relevant to either physiotherapy treatment, or to acupuncture, including any drugs and current medical treatment.  This is to ensure that any treatment you receive will be relevant, effective and safe in the context of your medical history

You will also be asked detailed questions about your current physical symptoms, including a physical examination to arrive at a diagnosis of the source of your pain.

This record taking and diagnosis will typically take 10-15 min leaving the last 15-20 min for either physiotherapy or acupuncture treatment.

Advice on self-help/self-treatment will be given during the session

What can I expect with any follow up appointments?

An assessment by the physiotherapist will be made of the progress in relieving your pain since your last session, and your planned treatment or self-help advice may be adjusted to suit your progress. Most of the time spent in these physiotherapy or acupuncture sessions will consist of active treatment and ongoing self-help advice.

When might I be offered acupuncture as a treatment?

Acupuncture is only offered where there is firm evidence of its effectiveness. It has proven most effective in the relief of pain and stress-related disorders. The use of acupuncture as an option is subject to discussion and agreement between you as a patient and your acupuncturist (physiotherapist) and is commonly used to lower pain levels to facilitate manual physiotherapy.

Other conditions for which acupuncture is offered as an effective treatment are stress, anxiety and insomnia.

What waiting room facilities do you have?

There is a small waiting room with a separate toilet. There are various magazines to read

Can I bring children, relatives or friends into the treatment room?

Having other people in the treatment room is ultimately at our discretion but is normally allowed as long as it is in the patient’s interest and will not interfere with treatment.

Normally one friend or family member is welcome in the treatment room but any others will have to stay in the waiting room.

Young children and babies can accompany adults in the treatment room if necessary but this may influence the effectiveness of the treatment session

Can unaccompanied children attend?

All children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Children age 16-17 may come unaccompanied with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Do you have disabled access?

The facilities are at ground floor level. Wheelchair access is possible.

Atherley Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Clinic is situated in a quiet residential road with no parking restrictions. It is usually possible to park directly outside or within 20m of the clinic entrance.

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